giveaway! b.krafty by bethany

B.Krafty Designs Carpe Diem Goldleaf Script Sign

i’m so excited to announce my first giveaway! if y’all saw my friday five earlier, i mentioned that bethany from b.krafty designs was on my radar this week and i’m so excited to officially announce our partnership! it was so fun chatting with bethany while we were getting this all put together and getting to know her a little bit more, she’s so sweet and her canvasses are so fun! i included a few of my favorites for y’all to check out! it’s definitely been one of my favorite posts since starting bree west, and connecting with her has gotten me one step closer to crossing off one of my 101 in 1001!

get to know bethany:

why did you start B.Krafty Designs?

“i have always loved to paint and draw things for my friends, birthday cards, pictures, fun things with their monograms, cute {greek} letters, good luck signs, etc. when i started college at the university of texas, everyone wanted me to paint them things for their sororities and dorm rooms. after i did, people loved them and wanted more and here we are.”

See the World Canvas (Abstract Lime Green and Royal Blue Paisley Globe)

this one is my absolute favorite i have to have it

why B.Krafty, any significance behind the name?

“i decided to name my little business B.Krafty for my initials “BK”, its also one of my nicknames.”

when did you start your blog?

“after starting the business i started my blog. since then, i haven’t stopped desining. creating is my source of peace and joy, whether it is canvases, coolers, or little greeting cards for friends, my passion for creating art has only gotten stronger. i truly enjoy sharing my love of color and inspirations i find in the world around me”

Paisley Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Canvas

speaking of, where do you gather inspiration?

“i gather inspiration from the simplest of things like sunsets and wildflowers. i also gather inspiration from artists and designers i admire like lilly pulitzer, baron batch and andy warhol to name a few. they are all artists who aren’t afraid to use bold colors and go outside the box”

what are your favorite projects?

“my favorite projects to work on are Bible verses. painting the word just soothes the soul. it makes my job so joyful!

what is your favorite part of B.Krafty?

“being able to do what i love and share my creativity and imagination with others. i love spreading happiness in any way i can!”

Lilly Pulitzer State of Texas Water Color

watercolor lilly pulitzer state of texas

how cute are bethany’s canvasses? for the giveaway she’ll be working with the lucky winner to design her personalized monogram over a watercolor lilly canvas!

this giveaway will end on july 5th, enter today!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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