decorating for christmas

love the holidays and i think my favorite part is decorating the tree. i’ve been collecting ornaments since i was little, my parents always encouraged us to pick out ornaments whenever we traveled and a and i always exchange ornaments at chrismtas- she gets winnie the pooh ornaments, i get disney princesses, the tradition started when we were really little…

this year unfortunately i don’t have all of my ornaments but we made do with what we did have and decorated our little tree. i think it came out great

Christmas Tree

our little christmas tree


the stockings

Mickey Ornament

my favorite ornament from 2013

deck the halls

top: loft skirt: j.crew shoes: nine west

Garland and Snow

thankfully we put our garland up the other day because its a very snowy day today. the perfect kind of day to stay inside and bake dozens of christmas cookies….yummm

national christmas tree lighting 2013

friday night was the national christmas tree lighting on the white house ellipse. i have been trying to get tickets for this event since I moved to d.c. in 2009 and my awesome boss i, was able to get me 2 tickets to this years!! you have to enter your name into a lottery to get tickets and after 4 years of having pretty much every one of my relatives enter their names in hopes of me getting one, i had still not been. when i first started my new job i asked my boss if he knew anyone that could help and thankfully he did!!

the lineup for the performances was great, jane lynch hosted and the performers included train, aretha franklin, mariah carey, arturo sandoval, joshua bell, and the avett brothers. it was so much fun, we had great seats so we could see the obama family light the tree up perfectly. the only downside of the whole night was the rain. it was so cold and it rained so hard the entire time. we were icicles by the end of the night but it was definitely worth it! because of the weather i didn’t get too many pictures but here are the ones i did get!



National Tree and Aretha Franklin

aretha franklin

National Tree

the national christmas tree all lit up!

National Tree

me and the national tree

overall, even with the cold and terrible weather it was such a great time! i can’t wait to go again next year (hopefully i’ll be so lucky!) if you get the chance next year definitely try to work it into your holiday plans!