firefly recap


i spent this past weekend at firefly festival in dover, de. it was amazing. so much great music, food and company. plus it was very cool to watch the world cup game on sunday at the main stage with thousands of people and then subsequently share the shock and pain of that final 40 seconds of the game. we stayed in rehoboth which was definitely a good way to do the festifal, a lot of people camp out at the festival grounds but by staying in rehoboth we had the ability to get away from the madness at the end of every day and wake up at the beach every morning. it was so nice.

here were some of my favorite parts of the festival:


1. the brewery: dogfishhead set up an air-conditioned tent/brewery where you could sit inside and watch the world cup games or play cornhole and bocce outside while listening to whatever was playing on the mainstage. i spent approximately half my weekend over there, it was a really nice break from the heat and a relaxing little part of the festival and the firefly ale was so good and refreshing!

3. hammock hangout: this spot was so so cool. it was located right next to one of the smaller stages in the woods and it was exactly what it sounds like, an area with a bunch of hammocks that you could get out of the sun and hangout in. a lot of people came in and took naps or sat on the ground in groups and just hung out. i especially liked it because i could still here the music playing from the smaller stage next door.

4. goatocado: i didn’t have high hopes for the festival food i will be honest, i expected a lot of pizza, chicken fingers and beer. i was so so surprised when i found all these amazing healthy and delicious options. goatocado was the best though, their quinoa bowls and mac and cheese were culinary heaven and they had sriracha sauce to go on top?!?! perfection. i wish i lived closer to richmond because i will be dreaming about the athena, the mountain tropp and the premium smoked gouda mac and cheese until i can come up with an excuse to get down there and visit their food truck!

5. group love: so good i saw them twice! i missed the beginning of their first set and loved the rest of it so much i had to go over to the other stage they performed on later that day to see them again. they are so great. their energy is amazing and you could tell they were having a lot of fun on stage. if you ever get the chance to see them live do it! they were incredible.


6. jack johnson: i’ve wanted to see jack in concert for a while now and after sunday night i want to see him again, and again and again! another great performance. his music is awesome to begin with but i was a little worried it would be too mellow to sit through a concert and thankfully i was wrong! he was having an absolute blast on stage as was the rest of his band. i really enjoyed seeing him and can’t wait till i get another opportunity to see him. so good.



i have been incredibly lucky to have been able to travel as much as i have and i hate to admit it but these last few weeks i have a major case of fernweh


i don’t know if it’s the realization that i haven’t been out of the country in two years or that my parents and sister are going to prague and slovakia without me for a couple of weeks (sigh…being a big girl is no fun) either way i’ve got the travel bug and i’m dying to go somewhere new. it might be time for me to start planning a trip somewhere, maybe for next year? i’ve been wanting to do an international marathon, maybe i’ll start training for london, berlin or paris? i leave for delaware for the firefly festival tomorrow so hopefully that will hold me over until my next trip in october!

anyone else feeling a little bit of fernweh lately? what’s next on your travel list?