i am happiest when floating in the sea

i grew up in the ocean, or at least sometimes it feels like that. we lived 25 minutes from the water and spent almost all of our summers at the beach, i would spend hours in the water. i remember our parents having to drag us out of the water to eat lunch and dinner. i was happiest when playing with my friends in the water. whether we were sitting in the shallows, jumping off the rocks or just floating on surfboards, boogie boards rafts or on our own. some of my favorite memories are when i was in the water. unfortunately with working so much i don’t get to spend hours floating in the water this summer. instead, with the help of pinterest (shocking i know) i’m dreaming of the ocean and the first weekend of august when i’ll¬†finally¬†be at the beach!


Aaron Checkwood, The Check Republic




and finally, the beach i grew up on

and finally, a little less tropical: the beach i grew up on

what about you? are you headed to the beach this summer?