exciting news on a grey monday morning

waking up and getting to work this morning was tough, i opened the curtains in my bedroom hoping for some of that great dc sunshine to wake me up and get me going and it was dreary and grey out, i checked the weather and its a high of 95 and cloudy all morning and storms this afternoon… gross. if that isn’t incentive to get back into bed and binge watch orange is the new black all day, i don’t know what is. but i got out of bed and got ready for work and headed to the office, i left the comfortable, air conditioned apartment and was greeted by a nice heavy blast of hot, humid air. also gross. and to make monday even better the metro was delayed and trains were only running every 12-14 minutes and they were all 6 car trains meaning we were packed into the train like cattle. so like i said, it was a tough monday morning and one of those that made me miss college when if i really didn’t feel like it i could skip a class and stay in bed a bit longer on a day like this. but i got to the office and my dad slowly started to get better, for starters i remembered that it was a short week because the 4th of july is on friday! yay! one of my favorite holidays.  and because i got some really exciting news!

apparently there are a few of y’all that actually read my blog, and alyssa from it’s efortlyss even thought my blog was worthy of not one but 2 awards! if you haven’t checked out her blog yet head over and look at it, i’m loving her effortlyssly happy series and the rest of her blog honestly! definitely going to become one of my new favs!


this was such an awesome award to get because sometimes i feel like i can be a little all over the place with my posts, but having her recognize that in a positive way was so nice! scroll down to read more about the award and to see if you were nominated!

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seven facts about me (i’ll try and keep them short and sweet!)

1. i am from the northshore of boston and i absolutely love going home

2. growing up close to the water has made me a total beach bum and it’s so hard for me living in dc not being able to get either to the beach or out on the water all the time in the summer time and i’m slowly realizing how spoiled i was to have grown up in the area of massachusetts that i did

3. i love love love nantucket and used to spend a few weeks each summer on the island, i literally dream about the juice bar ice cream and homemade waffle cones

4. i am obsessed with goldfish and peppermint patties. if i could live off of those two things alone i probably would. it’s a problem.

5. i’m kind of a foodie, i don’t know how or when it happened but going out to eat has become probably my favorite hobby

6. traveling is my passion. i have been so fortunate to have traveled and lived abroad as much as i have, living in finland for an entire year when i was a junior in high school really opened my eyes to how eye opening and exciting it is to visit a  new place and experience a new culture. i have also lived in london and traveled around, what feels like, most of europe. i am dying to get abroad again, not sure where though, possibly south america?

7. i love animals and can not wait until i get my own place so i can get a puppy!

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