101 in 1001

i have a confession: i have a total blog crush on mackenzie horan of design darling. i absolutely love her blog and one of my favorite parts is her 101 in 1001 list so i decided to start my own! it’s a great idea honestly, at this point in my life i have so many things i want to do but they’re all in my head. why not put them down on paper and have a way to hold myself accountable! i’ll be sure to update y’all as i cross them off my list!

so here goes nothing i have 2.75 years to do everything on my list!

101 things in 1001 days

starting: june 26th, 2014

ending: march 23, 2017


1. read 50 new books
2. complete a no spend month
3. walk over the brooklyn bridge
4. bake banana bread from scratch
5. make a full thanksgiving dinner
6. buy my own place
7. decorate said place
8. do a design series while decorating
9. have the final product professionally photographed for the apartment
10. adopt a puppy or kitten
11. buy a bike
12. leave 100% tip for good service
13. send my parents on a trip somewhere
14. go through my wardrobe and only keep things I absolutely love, donate the rest
15. donate monthly to a different cause
16. complete 10 random acts of kindness
17. send my grandmothers flowers for no reason
18. turn off all electronics one hour before bed every night for a week
19. write handwritten letters to five people once a month
20. find a penpal
21. learn how to do five new hairstyles for work
22. actually do those hairstyles for 2 weeks
23. have a family portrait taken
24. start baking again
25. invest in a pair of classic black flats
26. invest in a pair of classic black pumps
27. buy all produce at a farmers market for 1 month
28. go on a spa and yoga retreat with no technology for a weekend
29. invest in a couple le creuset dishes
30. frame my diploma and tassel
31. go to a drive in movie theater
32. find a lemon tree for my apartment
33. invest in grown up luggage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   34. take a vegan cooking class


35. work on getting bree west and my brand out there
36. be a guest blogger on one of my favorite blogs
37. find sponsors for bree west
38. create city guides for some of my favorite places
39. get a promotion
40. find a mentor
41. be a mentor
42. attend a blogging conference
43. reach 500 followers for bree west
44. reach 1000 followers on pinterest and twitter
45. take a business course
46. connect with at least 5 bloggers
47. start new series on the blog
48. watch 15 ted talks
49. buy and learn how to use photoshop
50. send an email to 5 bloggers I admire
51. buy a new computer
52. inspire someone else to write a 101 in 1001 list
53. take a blogshop class
54. collaborate with a favorite brand
55. take a photography class
56. take an iphone photography class
57. redesign blog
58. launch an online boutique
59. create monthly content plans every month
60. design a blog logo


61. get into a regular running schedule for upcoming races
62. complete the dopey challenge
63. complete a juice cleanse
64. be able to do 50 push ups consecutively
65. try a barre class
66. ride a bike instead of driving everywhere for one week
67. quit drinking soda
68. run a marathon in another country
69. learn how to play tennis
70. start horseback riding again
71. become a vegetarian again
72. try stand up paddle boarding
73. go on a bike tour of a city

washington d.c.

74. watch a sunrise from the lincoln memorial
75. see a show at the kennedy center
76. see a show at ford’s theater
77. join a kickball or softball league
78. go to mount vernon
79. go to a different museum at least once a month
80. visit 5 new restaurants
81. see the blue angels perform
82. go kayaking on the potomac
83. join a women’s group/association/club in dc


84. see australia
85. see ireland
86. see austin, tx
87. visit charleston, sc
88. go to northern california
89. camp in yellowstone
90. go back to london
91. go back to finland
92. take a spontaneous trip
93. take a trip with girl friends
94. take a trip with my mom and sister
95. reconnect with my finnish host family
96. take a finnish class to brush up on my finnish
97. attend the kentucky derby
98. run with the bulls
99. ride in a hot air balloon
100. go on a cruise with friends                                                                                                                                                                                                                             101. go to martha’s vineyard

have you written a 101 in 1001 list? tweet me your link and i’ll list it here!

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